Tower VAL328MP 28mm Mid-Position Valve

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The VAL328MP is 3 port spring return mid-position valves with 28mm compression fittings and 230V AC switched output. These are for use on fully pumped systems which when correctly wired with an appropriate room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and programmer will control the water flow from the boiler to either to hot water only, heating only, or to both simultaneously.


• Supply voltage 240V. AC 50Hz
• Power consumption: 6W
• Operating temperature range: +5 to +88 °C
• Cable length one metre
• Max. differential pressure for 22mm = 1Bar
• Max. static pressure 10.0 Bar
• Max. ambient temperature 52 °C

Before fitting the valve, read through the plumbing and wiring instructions. When replacing the valve actuator only, set the Auto/Manual lever to the “Manual Open” position before removal. On the replacement actuator set the Auto/Manual lever to “Manual Open” position before fitting.

All wiring should be carried out to IEE Regulations
White – Room Thermostat Call / Heating on
Grey – Cylinder Thermostat Sat / Hot water off
Orange – Cylinder Thermostat Call / Boiler and Pump
Blue – Neutral
Green & Yellow – Earth

When connecting to pipe work do not use the actuator for leverage. Valves should be held by wrench flats on body. Place the AUTO/MAN lever in the MAN position when filling, venting or draining the system.

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