BritTherm Domestic Standard 15-60/130 Circulating Pump

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The Domestic Standard 15-60/130 is a 3 Speed Manual Domestic Heating Circulator with a standard 1 ½” threaded connection and port-to-port distance of 130mm. Produces a maximum head of 6 meters making it the perfect replacement integrated circulator.

Intended for heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems, solar and geothermal energy systems. The pumps are maintenance-free for their entire service life, which confirms their high reliability. Easy to control - three constant pump speeds, easy to set using a mechanical switch. The cast iron pump volute casing is cataphoresis coated, which acts as a protective layer that allows for dozens of times greater corrosion resistance. The pump casing is aluminium and ventilated, eliminating internal condensation and corrosion.

The Domestic Standard comes with a 3 year BritTherm™ guarantee.

*This is a replacement integrated circulator

*The benchmark for the most efficient circulators is EEI ≤ 0.20

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