Worcester 87101030450 Gasket 18,6x13,5x1,5 (10x)

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These high-quality Worcester Gaskets are designed to provide a reliable seal, essential for preventing leaks and ensuring optimal performance of your boiler system.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Seal: Ensures tight sealing to prevent leaks and maintain efficiency.
  • Pack of 10: Convenient pack size ensures you have an adequate supply for maintenance needs.
  • Genuine Worcester Part: Specifically crafted for Worcester boilers, guaranteeing compatibility and performance.
  • Essential Maintenance: Crucial for preserving peak operational efficiency and prolonging boiler lifespan.

Why Choose the Worcester 87101030450 Gasket?

The Worcester 87101030450 Gasket is engineered to Worcester's exacting standards, offering superior sealing performance and durability. Whether for routine upkeep or emergency repairs, these gaskets deliver consistent reliability for Worcester boiler systems.


Designed for use with Worcester boilers. For detailed compatibility information, refer to your boiler’s manual or contact our support team.

Installation and Use:

For optimal results, installation should be performed by a qualified heating engineer. Adhere to manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols during installation to ensure proper functionality and longevity.

Enhance Boiler Performance:

Maintain peak efficiency and reliability of your Worcester boiler with the Worcester 87101030450 Gasket. These gaskets provide a dependable seal to prevent leaks, minimize downtime, and optimize boiler performance.

Order the Worcester 87101030450 Gasket today to uphold the performance and longevity of your Worcester boiler, backed by Worcester's reputation for quality and reliability.

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